Meet square one, an arts collective Founded from a desire to create exciting art events and collaborative projects in Vancouver, BC. 

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Fiona MCAlear

Fiona McAlear

Jewellery Artist

Fiona's first steps into Jewellery Design began on her BA in Three Dimensional Design. She studied for 5 years in the UK, honing her skills as a Goldsmith. 

Influenced by the lines, form and repetition in the natural world around her, be it trailing Ivy or falling Cherry blossom petals. She aims not to replicate the natural form, but to capture her own unique hand made version of it.

Fiona creates precious Jewellery that will last a lifetime and then have another. Working and taking inspiration from her new home in Vancouver.




David Camisa

Visual Artist

Born in Wales and raised in Canada, David spent the majority of his formative years with his head in a comic book. He attributes that childhood obsession as a catalyst for his passion for Art and the realization that he didn't want to pursue a career doing anything else.

He moved to Vancouver in 2010 and began exhibiting his work not long after. Having exhibited in a number of galleries, both in Canada and internationally, David's work can be found in collections from all over the world.


Souzan Rezai

Visual Artist

Rezai is a developing Artist, person, and sometimes place. Her mixed-media work focusses on textures, colours, evoking a sense of movement- and her deep, deep love of gluing things. 

Her sketch-work focusses on an odd bear, with a flower friend, and their adventures together. Rezai studied theatre design and playwriting at York University in Toronto, where her Art training began, and came back to Vancouver to create a career in the city she loves. She took some time to live in Tofino, BC and there her mixed media style began to flourish. She works to commission, and loves creating custom work for special walls. 

Her goal as a visual artist is to create things that arouse the senses and -- ultimately -- that people like looking at.